What is A.N.I.T.I?


A.N.I.T.I., the Italian National Association of Translators and Interpreters, is a not-for-profit professional association founded in Milan on 27th April 1956 under the name S.N.I.T.I., the National Union of Translators and Interpreters, as evidenced in deed N°30984/502 by the Notary Public Tommaso Cucci, which formalized the initial foundation of the Union on 1st July 1951. The original offices were at Via P. Marocco 20, Milan. The common ground between the aims of the union and association-based activities led to the name being changed to A.N.I.T.-S.N.I.T.I. on 1st January 1958. On 20th October 1972, the Association members’ meeting appointed Professor Gustavo A. Dresbach as its General Secretary, transferring the offices to Via Lambrate 10. On 9th April 1978 the Association, which had long since defined its objectives, adopted its current name. A.N.I.T.I. today is one of the biggest Italian professional associations of translators and interpreters.
On 3rd September 2016 the Board of Directors resolved to move the registered office of the Association to Viale V. Lancetti 4, 20158 Milan.


The Association promotes Italian legislative regulation of the translator/interpreter profession, and actively encourages more formal recognition of the professionalism of its members. It works both at institutional level and within the sphere of its membership. It seeks clarification of the relationship between professional translators and translation agencies, and aims for correct and consistent regulation of the work of translators in the Courts and the recognition of fair remuneration.


Following the decision of the Ministry of Justice on 4th October 2010, A.N.I.T.I. was registered as a representative association at national level as per Article 26 of Legislative Decree N°206 of 9th November 2007 concerning common platforms which, according to the definition to be found at Letter n) of Article 4 of the law in question, are “the set of criteria of professional qualifications that are able to overcome the substantial differences identified between the requirements regarding training that exist in the various member States for a certain profession…”

A.N.I.T.I. is recognized by the Ministry of Economic Development as an association qualified to issue to its members a certificate attesting to the quality of the services they render (http://www.sviluppoeconomico.gov.it/index.php/it/cittadino-e-consumatori/professioni-non-organizzate/associazioni-che-rilasciano-attestato-di-qualita). A.N.I.T.I. is recognized by the C.N.E.L. as one of the Associations of Unregulated Professions. It is a member of Co.L.A.P., the Coordination of Free Professional Associations, and is also a member of the Lombardy Regional Council of the Professions. A.N.I.T.I. is a member of the UNI Working Group that led to the drafting of the EN 15038 Standard on translation services, in force since November 2006, and a member of FIT (Fédération Internationale des Traducteurs).

A.N.I.T.I. has been recognized by several Italian Courts among the professional associations whose members are permitted to certify their translations under oath, even if they are not registered in the List of the Court Appointed Experts.

Professionalism of the Members

A.N.I.T.I. requires all members to respect the Association’s Code of Conduct which, like the By-Laws, has been screened by the Italian Competition Authority. It encourages its members to participate in the continuous training programme foreseen in the membership regulations, informing the members of suitable courses and sponsoring those that are most deserving. The Association welcomes young aspiring professionals who commit to the work placement trainee programme.

Promotion of the Association

A.N.I.T.I. promotes the Association at all levels, both internally and externally. It establishes contacts with language schools, interpreter schools and universities to explain translation work to future translators and also maintains contact with the members outside the annual general meetings by promoting recreational and professional opportunities.

Members’ Certification

A.N.I.T.I. is authorized to issue to its members the certification under art. 7 of Law 4/2013.